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Cardio Strength Training (CST)

This class involves exercises in timed intervals under tension. Prepare to lift, move and sweat with a precise combination of weight training and cardio in a high intensity class. Each session is based on Terry’s muscle confusion philosophy. Workouts consist of seven consecutive days for 26 weeks to address specific muscle groups. Every class is completely different with no repeats. Your body burns fat long after the class is over and within a matter of weeks you’ll begin to see your newly defined muscles.


This class is a 60-minute small group, expertly guided, weight training class. Exercises include sets of high reps for shaping, toning and building. Terry incorporates sets and reps (heavier weights + less reps or lighter weights + more reps), which focus on additional development of muscle groups. Many experienced clients alternate between Sculpt and Cardio Strength 7 days a week to achieve a maximum fitness level.

One-On-One Private Sessions

Terry offers personal training to clients of all skill levels. Each session is designed to meet an individual’s fitness goals. Additionally, he develops extensive fitness plans based on his three pillars: fitness, nutrition, wellness. We recommend One-on-One sessions for the beginner to teach proper technique and form before joining one of our regular Sculpt or Cardio Strength Training classes.

Nutrition & Meal Profile

Meet with Terry so he can personalize a food plan for you based on your blood type and lifestyle. This program is tailored to meet an individual’s fitness goals. When developing a profile, Terry considers all facets of your personal and professional life to develop a realistic approach for success.

Supplement Recommendation Profile

Along with appropriate exercise, nutrition and meal programs, dietary supplements serve as an enhancement to a client’s success rate. Terry encourages the incorporation of proper supplement techniques to further improve the rate of overall success for a healthy lifestyle.

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